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Bulls Eye Dog Training takes pride in the fact that we take that extra time to get to know our clients and their individuals needs because lets face it no two dogs and their behaviour are the same so why would we try and train them all the same way?
Using positive, science based methods, our trainers are able to help you build that positive relationship with your dog based on an understanding of mutual respect through play based training after all why would you want to train your dog to fear the consequences of lead corrections, yelling and other aversion style training . Teaching a dog to make the right choice through a positive training is much kinder and easier than you think. 
We don’t and shouldn’t be continually bribing our dogs to do as we ask either, treats/food rewards are there to help learn and establish a behaviour, once this point in training has been reached we can then begin to fade out the food so that your dog is willing to work just because he or she likes being with you. How amazingly awesome is that!

Carol Ashmore

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What are our clients saying?

  • Thoroughly enjoying learning with Carol. Classes are interactive and fun, yet underpinned by evidence and therefore there is real substance behind what we are doing. I can see good progress with our puppy with the work I am able to do after learning in class. I have learned a lot in a very short time; we are now on the intermediate course having completed the basics and signed up for the second course without question. Carol's approach is straightforward and methods are kind; she shows real understanding of canine behaviour (and that of their humans!) which is really important to me. Carol also helped me 1:1 with the specific challenge of our dog's reluctance to get into the car and so far, we've had a 100% success rate - he is now choosing to step in! Can't praise Carol's work highly enough. Thank you!

    Victoria Wilson-Crane
  • Carol came to help with my multi dog household & a dog which is nervous when out. Carried on the training in the house & the improvement is fantastic... she is learning to socialise when out too which was a worry of mine. 
    Very much recommended.

    Georgina Burroughs
  • Had a 1-2-1 training session today and was absolutely amazing!! Learnt so much in 1 session and I feel 100% more confident in training him now!! Will absolutely be booking in again and looking forward to do some courses!! Such an amazing trainer!! Thank you so much Carol 

    Love Nicki, Kyle and Apollo

    Nicki McBurnie
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