Bulls eye dog training offers a range of services

One To One

One to one training sessions are more suited to those who can not commit to a 6 week course. They allow for the trainers full attention and quite often faster results depending on what training related behaviours you are having issues with.

Classes & Workshops

All our classes offer the most modern, fun and easy methods of training a variety of behaviours. Class numbers are kept small in attendance this enables us to offer you the best individual attention possible in a class setting.

Our training techniques will help you build a successful positive relationship with your dog. Our belief is classes should be informal, fun and enjoyable from week 1 to week 6, this goes for both owners an dogs so please No shouting, no choke chains, no stress!

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Behaviour Consultations

Gain the trust,
build a lasting relationship without the pain!


Our classes are held within these venues.


Wednesday 6pm     |     Saturday 10am

Bullcroft Memorial Hall,
Chestnut Ave,


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